Meaning of JAGGED in English

I. ˈjagə̇d, -aag-, -aig- adjective

( often -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English, from jagge jag + -ed

1. : having a sharply uneven edge or surface : marked by jags

the jagged skyline of the city

a jagged coastline with deep coves and rocky points

a jagged bolt of lightning

blasted out great jagged chunks of stone

2. : having a harsh or rough quality : ragged

her voice was jagged with excitement — Sinclair Lewis

: rugged

some of his ideas, once so jagged and uncompromising, have been smoothed by time — Herbert Kupferberg

3. : marked by sharply broken or violently varying movement : abruptly irregular

harsh, stubborn harmonies, his jagged rhythms — Time

II. -gd adjective

Etymology: jag (III) + -ed

slang : drunk

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