Meaning of LA in English


I. ˈlä noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Latin la bii lip's, a word sung to this note in a medieval hymn to St. John the Baptist

1. : the sixth tone of the diatonic scale in solmization

2. : the tone A in the fixed-do system

II. ˈlȯ, ˈlä interjection

Etymology: Middle English (northern dialect), from Old English lā

1. now chiefly dialect — used for emphasis

indeed, la , 'tis a noble child — Shakespeare

la ! Yes, I've heard tell about that old mortar — Ford Times

2. now chiefly dialect — used to express surprise

la … how very smirking — Charles Dickens

III. ˈlä adjective

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: French, feminine of le, definite article, the, from Latin ille that one, that — more at lariat

: the — used with the family name of a woman

shrugged elaborately — a crib … from La Dietrich — Nicholas Monsarrat

IV. abbreviation


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