Meaning of LABORATORY in English


I. ˈlabrəˌtōrē, -tȯr-, -ri sometimes ˈlabər-, chiefly in substand speech by r-dissimilation ˈlabəˌt-, chiefly Brit ləˈbärə.tri or -ärətəri noun

( -es )

Etymology: Medieval Latin laboratorium, from Latin laboratus (past participle of laborare to labor) + -orium -ory — more at labor


a. : a place devoted to experimental study in any branch of natural science or to the application of scientific principles in testing and analysis or in the preparation usually on a small scale of drugs, chemicals, explosives, or other products or substaces

a chemical laboratory

a biological laboratory

a rolling crime laboratory

the weather research plane, a powerful flying laboratory — Walter Hayward

b. : a place equipped for or an organized activity involving experimentation or observation in a field of study (as child development) or practice in a skill (as reading)

was equipped with a psychology laboratory

composition laboratory … for students requiring special help in English fundamentals — King College Bulletin

c. : a period in an academic schedule set aside for laboratory work

a course with two lectures and one laboratory a week


a. : something resembling a laboratory in carrying on a process of production or testing

the laboratory of the mind

the laboratory of ongoing human experience — L.A.Weigle

b. : an environment that provides opportunity for systematic observation, experimentation, or practice

a settlement house serving as a sociological laboratory

the new nation of Israel, a social laboratory

3. : the hearth of a reverberatory furnace

II. adjective

1. : of, working, used, or done in a laboratory

get laboratory approval for the new appliance

a laboratory assistant in accounting

a laboratory manual

perform laboratory experiments

2. : befitting, suggestive of, or resembling that of a laboratory

insisted on … laboratory conditions in an election — New York Times

a cheap liquor … had a fierce laboratory flavor — Norman Lewis

a kind of laboratory method in fiction — Robert Humphrey

3. : of or involving observation or experimentation or practice for educational purposes

a laboratory period

a laboratory course

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