Meaning of LAMINATE in English

I. -ˌnāt, usu -ād.+V verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: lamina + -ate (v. suffix)

transitive verb

1. : to roll or compress (as metal or plastic) into a thin plate

2. : to separate into laminae


a. : to make by uniting superposed layers of one or more materials (as by means of an adhesive or bolts) — compare laminated glass , laminated plastic , laminated wood

b. : to unite (superposed layers of material) by an adhesive or other means

asphalt is used to laminate sheets of paper — Science

polyethylene film has been laminated to paper for waterproof bags — Chem. & Engineering News

intransitive verb

: to divide into laminae

II. -_nə̇]t, -ˌnā], usu ]d.+V\ adjective

Etymology: lamina + -ate (adjective suffix)

1. : consisting of a lamina or laminae : laminated

2. : bearing or covered with laminae

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: laminate (I)

: a product made by laminating ; specifically : laminated plastic

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