Meaning of LAYOUT in English


ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ noun

( -s )

Etymology: lay out


a. : the act or process of laying out or planning in detail

b. : the plan or design or arrangement of something that is laid out: as

(1) : a plan or design to show the arrangement and general appearance of something to be produced or reproduced graphically (as by printing or photography)

an artist's layout of an advertisement

a typographer's layout of a projected book

(2) : arrangement of matter to be reproduced ; especially : the placement of negatives preparatory to plate making (as for offset or gravure printing)

(3) : the position of men, machines, and materials within a manufacturing plant in relation to the flow of goods in process of manufacture

2. : something that is laid out: as

a. : an area usually of green cloth marked to indicate spaces on which may be placed bets on various contingencies (as in roulette)

b. : cards dealt (as in solitaire) into a prescribed pattern on which plays may be made : tableau

c. : something displayed : spread

the dinner was a fine layout

d. : establishment , place

lives in an elaborate layout including swimming pool, private golf course, tennis court, acres of woods

3. : laydown


a. : a set or collection of tools or apparatus

miner's layout

opium layout

b. chiefly South & West : outfit , gang

5. : a body position used in diving, swimming, and gymnastics in which the trunk is extended, the head is back, the back is arched, and the arms are extended sideways — compare 11 pike , tuck

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