Meaning of LEAKAGE in English


ˈlēkij, -kēj noun

( -s )


a. : the act, process, or an instance of leaking

fear of leakage of military understandings — F.W.D.Deakin

such defects cause leakage of cement paste — J.R.Dalzell

leakage of body fluids from a surgical wound


(1) : loss of electricity due to a leak

(2) or leakage flux : magnetic flux that does not follow a useful path (as between the pole pieces of a dynamo without passing through the armature)

2. : an allowance of a certain rate percent for loss by leaking

3. : something or the amount that issues or is lost through a leak

in the grocery business … a leakage of about one percent is fairly common — Kenneth Ives

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