Meaning of LEWD in English

ˈlüd adjective

Etymology: Middle English lewed, lewede vulgar, base, laical, from Old English lǣwede laical

1. obsolete

a. : of, relating to, or characteristic of common and ignorant people : vulgar

b. : base , evil , wicked — used of persons and their conduct

c. : poor , worthless — used of things


a. : sexually unchaste or licentious : dissolute , lascivious

b. : suggestive of or tending to moral looseness : inciting to sensual desire or imagination : indecent , obscene , salacious

moralists looked upon it as a lewd distraction — Lewis Mumford

loud, lewd dissonances from the … orchestra in the pit — Time

the hawk stood … with his lewd purple tongue lolling from his open beak — Liam O'Flaherty

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