Meaning of LIEUTENANCY in English

lüˈtenənsē, -si, Brit usually lefˈt- or ləfˈt- or especially in the navy leˈt- or ləˈt- noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English lieutenauncie, from Middle French lieutenancie, from lieutenant + -cie -cy

1. : the office, rank, or commission of a lieutenant

the earl … had recently been turned out of the lieutenancy of the county — T.B.Macaulay

jumped at a chance for a second lieutenancy in the marines — Time

2. obsolete : a territorial unit under the jurisdiction of a lieutenant

3. : the term of office of a lieutenant

4. usually capitalized , obsolete : the body of deputies to the lord lieutenant of an English county

addresses from the Lieutenancy, grand juries, and corporations in our county — London Gazette

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