Meaning of LOADING in English



( -s )

Etymology: from gerund of load (II)


a. : a cargo, weight, or stress placed on something ; specifically : wing loading

b. : the amount of freight loaded during a specified period : shipment — usually used in plural

quarterly loadings of inland barges averaging ten million tons

especially : carloading

2. or loading charge : load 13 ; specifically : an amount added to the net or pure premium of an insurance policy to provide for business expenses, future contingencies, and profits or bonuses

3. : material used to load paper, cloth, leather, or rubber : filler , stuffing

4. : a cartridge or charge for a firearm consisting of particular components or characteristics


a. : the amount or degree to which something is or can be loaded

the maximum axle loading

an average loading of 0.2 percent boric acid — Review of Applied Entomology

b. : the relative contribution of each component factor in a psychological test or in an experimental, clinical, or social situation

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