Meaning of LOGICAL in English


-jə̇kəl, -jēk- adjective

Etymology: Medieval Latin logicalis, from Latin logica + -alis -al


a. : of or relating to logic : having the nature of logic

logical argumentation

b. : that agrees with accepted principles of logic : that is in harmony with sound reasoning

a logical conclusion

c. : that is in accordance with inferences reasonably drawn from preceding or surrounding or predictable facts or events or circumstances

a logical result

a logical candidate

d. : analytical and not factual or empirical : formal

a logical statement

a logical expression

2. : that is capable of reasoning or that uses reason in a way that agrees with accepted principles of logic

a logical thinker

• log·i·cal·ly -jə̇k(ə)lē, -jēk-, -li adverb

• log·i·cal·ness noun -es

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