Meaning of MAKING in English


I. ˈmākiŋ, -kēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English macung, from macian to make + -ung -ing — more at make


a. : the act or process of forming, causing, manufacturing, or coming into being

a mind given to image- making

laws already made or in the making

landed in a situation not of his own making

b. : origination , growth

when the modern age of science and technology was in the making

2. : a process or means of advancement or success

misfortune was the making of him

3. : something that is made: as

a. : a quantity produced at one time : batch

making of bread

b. makings plural : the slack and dirt produced in coal mining


a. : potentiality

he had the making of a hero

— often used in plural

has the makings of a fine ballplayer

b. makings plural : the material from which something is to be made

the makings for a new suit

specifically : paper and tobacco for cigarettes

II. adjective

Etymology: from present participle of make (I)

1. : that makes — often used in combination

contact- making parts of a switch

2. : required to be made to specification

a making order for goods not carried in stock

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