Meaning of MANGANESE in English


ˈmaŋgəˌnēz, -aiŋ-, -ēs noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: French manganèse, from Italian manganese, from manganese magnesia, modification of Medieval Latin magnesia — more at magnesia


a. : a black oxide of the metallic element manganese ; especially : pyrolusite

b. : any of various ores of the metallic element manganese

gray manganese

red manganese

2. : a grayish white polyvalent metallic element that is ordinarily hard and brittle, resembles iron but is not magnetic, occurs in nature alloyed in meteoric iron and combined in many minerals (as pyrolusite, psilomelane, manganite, hausmannite, rhodochrosite) and as a trace element in plants and animals, is obtained in a state of high purity by electrolysis or by electric-furnace reduction of ore with aluminum or silicon or in the form of alloys (as ferromanganese or spiegeleisen) by smelting, and is used chiefly in making steel — symbol Mn ; see element table

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