Meaning of MARKER in English


ˈmärkər, ˈmȧkə(r noun

( -s )

1. : a person who marks: as

a. : a person who marks game

b. : a person who keeps account of a game played (as of billiards or rackets) : scorer ; also : one who records the shots at target practice


(1) : a person who records attendance at a school or college : monitor

(2) : a person who marks papers (as tests, compositions) for a teacher

d. : a worker who puts identifying information on articles: as

(1) : a worker in a laundry or cleaning and dyeing establishment who marks articles with customer identification

(2) : a worker who marks serial numbers on gun parts with a marking die

(3) : a person who marks prices on merchandise

e. : a logger who marks trees for felling, felled trees for cutting into logs, or logs for identification in a drive

f. : a worker who marks outlines on leather parts of shoes as guides for such subsequent operations as cementing, punching of buttonholes, or fancy stitching

g. : a worker who pencils or chalks out a pattern on material (as cloth, wood, or metal) before it is cut ; also : a pattern layout so made

h. : a worker who makes out merchandise tickets

2. : something that marks or is used for marking: as

a. : an implement or attachment for marking the ground to facilitate planting in rows

b. : a contrivance for marking out a tennis court

c. : any of various sewing devices for making or indicating guidelines

a pin marker for hemlines


(1) : a token used in gambling as a reminder (as of a bet or the next dealer)

(2) : a promissory note or IOU given as evidence of a loan received or debt incurred

e. : a signal placed on each side of the rear of certain trains ; also : a distinctive light fastened to a signal post to indicate whether the signal is permissive or absolute

f. : something (as a person, flag, stake, ship) posted at a point to indicate a position (as of a military unit, an obstacle)

g. : bookmark

h. : a black or otherwise readily identifiable sheep

i. : a morphologic hereditary character used as an indicator of the presence of absence of a linked physiologic character — compare linkage

j. : a geologic formation easily identified ; especially : one used as a guide in well drilling


a. : an instrument connected with a switchboard that electrically selects an available trunk line and makes the necessary connections for long-distance calls

b. or marker beacon or marker radio beacon : a small transmitter of limited range used by an airplane to identify its position over a fixed spot on the earth

4. : a word, morpheme, or combination of morphemes indicating the form class or grammatical function of the linguistic form that accompanies or includes it

the markers the and -ed in the boy and played

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