Meaning of MARQUESS in English

ˈmärkwə̇s, ˈmȧk- noun

or mar·quis “, märˈkē, mȧˈ-

( plural mar·quess·es -kwə̇sə̇z ; or mar·quis·es -kwə̇sə̇z ; or mar·quis -kē(z))

Etymology: Middle English markis, marquis, from Middle French marquis, alteration (influenced by Old Provençal marques & Old Italian marchese marquis) of marchis, from marche boundary, boundary land, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German marha boundary, boundary land — more at marque , marchese , mark

1. : a nobleman of hereditary rank in Europe and Japan ; specifically : a member of the second grade of the peerage in Great Britain ranking below a duke and above an earl

2. obsolete : marchioness

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