Meaning of MASTOID in English


I. ˈmaˌstȯid, ˈmaaˌ- adjective

Etymology: New Latin mastoides, from Greek mastoeidēs, from mastos breast + -oeidēs -oid — more at meat


a. : resembling a nipple or breast ; specifically : being a process of the temporal bone behind the ear, well developed and of somewhat conical form in adult man but inconspicuous in children

b. : being any of several bony elements (as the pterotic bone) occupying a similar position in the skull of various lower vertebrates

2. : of, relating to, in the region of, or affecting the mastoid process

II. noun

( -s )

1. : a mastoid bone or process


a. : mastoiditis

recovering from a severe mastoid

— not used technically

b. : an operation for the relief of mastoiditis

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