Meaning of MENU in English


I. ˈme(ˌ)nyü also ˈmā(- sometimes -nü noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, from menu, adjective, small, slender, detailed, from Latin minutus small — more at minute (adjective)



(1) or menu card : bill of fare

reading the menus outside cafés — Elizabeth Taylor

(2) : diet , regimen

menus can be made up which will include a variety of foods — H.R.Litchfield & L.H.Dembo

b. : the dishes served at a meal or the meal itself

serves an excellent menu

the present trend is toward shorter menus — Fannie M. Farmer

c. : the range or variety of food consumed

improves his menu with bass and bream caught within sight of his kitchen — Jackson Rivers

the menu of the rough-legged hawk — D.C.Peattie

2. : a program of music, drama, or other entertainment or recreation

the menu was routine, the playing ditto — Virgil Thomson

mastering the style of the varied menu which the … company presents — Henry Hewes

yachting is included in the summer fun menu — Springfield (Massachusetts) Daily News

II. noun

1. : a list or assortment of offerings

a menu of television programs

2. : a list shown on the display of a computer from which a user can select the operation the computer is to perform

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