Meaning of MODULE in English

I. ˈmä(ˌ)jül noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin modulus small measure, meter, module in architecture, from modus measure + -ulus — more at mete


a. archaic : something that serves as a model or pattern : exemplar

the text module is a sentence from … Thoreau — William Beebe

b. obsolete : a counterfeit image

but a clod and module of confounded royalty — Shakespeare

2. : a standard or unit of measurement



[French, from Latin modulus ]

: the size of some one part (as the diameter or semidiameter of the base of a shaft) taken as a unit of measure by which the proportions of the other parts of a classical or nonclassical architectural composition are regulated

b. : a unit of size used as a basis for standardizing the design and construction of building parts and materials or articles of furniture

use of dimensional coordination on the four-inch module — R.T.Liddicoat

fabricated for assembly on a 2-foot module — S.D.Sturgis


a. : a device used for measuring the flow of water or for delivering a fixed volume of water (as in irrigation systems)

b. : the volume discharged by such a device

5. : the diameter of a coin, token, or medal

6. : a ratio equal to the pitch diameter of a gear in millimeters divided by the number of teeth in the gear

II. noun

1. : any in a series of standardized units for use together: as

a. : a unit of furniture or architecture

b. : an educational or instructional unit which covers a single subject or a discrete part of a broad subject

2. : an assembly of components that are packaged or mounted together and constitute a functional unit for an electronic or mechanical system

a module for a computer

3. : an independent unit that constitutes a part of the total structure of a space vehicle

a propulsion module


a. : a subset of an additive group that is also a group under addition

b. : a mathematical set that is a commutative group under addition and that is closed under multiplication which is distributive from the left or right or both by elements of a ring and for which a ( bx ) = ( ab ) x or ( xb ) a = x ( ba ) or both where a and b are elements of the ring and x belongs to the set

5. : a usually semi-independent routine in a computer program that usually corresponds to one step in the solution of the problem the program was designed to solve

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