Meaning of MOONY in English

I. adjective

also moon·ey ˈmünē, -ni

( moonier ; mooniest )

Etymology: moon (I) + -y

1. : of or relating to the moon

2. : shaped like the moon:

a. : resembling or ornamented with the crescent moon

snakes … put a trailing, moony division between weed and weed — Eudora Welty

the moony standards of proud Ottoman — Josuah Sylvester

b. : resembling the full moon : round

3. : moonlit

moony night

4. : abstracted , dreamy

a rather moony … brat, interested mostly in mathematics, with a trick of standing with those goggle eyes gazing bluely at you — F.M.Ford

conductors are likely to keep these movements low in dynamics and to get moony over them — Virgil Thomson

especially : moonstruck

I always was moony over you — Zane Grey


variant of moonie

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