Meaning of MULTIPLIER in English

ˈməltəˌplī(ə)r, -īə noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from multiplien to multiply + -er

: one that multiplies: as

a. : a number by which another number is multiplied — compare multiplicand


(1) : an instrument or device for multiplying or intensifying some effect

multiplier phototube

— compare voltage multiplier

(2) : multiplying coil


(1) : a set of gears causing the spool of a fishing reel to revolve faster than the crank thereby accelerating the speed at which the fishing line is reeled in

(2) or multiplier reel or multiplying reel : a reel so equipped

d. : a key-operated machine or a key-operated mechanism or circuit on a machine (as on a calculating machine) that multiplies figures and records the products


(1) : one of the underground bulbils or offsets by which a multiplier onion increases — compare top onion

(2) chiefly New England : winter onion ; especially : multiplier onion

f. : a factor in the game of skat that is derived by adding 1 for each matador held by the bidder or his opponents, 1 for fulfilling or failing to fulfill the contract, and 1 each for schneider or schwarz and predation thereof and that is used by multiplying by the base value of a game to determine the total score

g. : the ratio of the income held to result from an addition to investment to the amount of such addition

the multiplier , which began as an analysis of the effects of public spending, has thus broadened into a general concept of income formation

— compare accelerator

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