Meaning of N in English


I. ˈen noun

( plural n's or ns ˈenz)

Usage: often capitalized, often attributive


a. : the 14th letter of the English alphabet

b. : an instance of this letter printed, written, or otherwise represented

c. : a speech counterpart of orthographic n (as n in nine, snow, or Spanish nuevo )

2. : a printer's type, a stamp, or some other instrument for reproducing the letter n


a. : someone or something arbitrarily or conveniently designated n especially as the 13th or when j is used for the 10th the 14th in order or class

b. : an indefinite number ; especially : a constant integer or a variable taking on integral values (as in an equation, curve, or algebraic expression)

the rules for the permutations of n things taken r at a time — D.E.Smith

— see nth


(1) : the gametic number of chromosomes

(2) : the basic number of chromosomes (as of a species or species group) — compare x

4. : something having the shape of the capital letter N

5. : en 2

6. : an antigen of human blood that shares a common genetic locus with the M antigen

II. abbreviation

Usage: often capitalized

1. nail

2. name

3. nasal

4. national; nationalist


[Latin natus ]


6. naval

7. navigate; navigating; navigation

8. navy

9. Negro

10. nephew

11. net

12. neuter

13. new

14. newspaper

15. newton

16. night

17. night stop


[Latin nocte ]

at night




20. nominative

21. none

22. noon

23. normal

24. usually italic normal (sense 10a) — used of solutions

0.1 N hydrochloric acid

normal (sense 10e) — with names of aliphatic hydrocarbons, their derivatives, or alkyl radicals

n -pentane

n -butyl

25. north; northern

26. note

27. noun


[French nous ]

we; us

29. November


[Latin novus ]


31. number

III. symbol

1. capitalized

a. place for the insertion of the given name of a bride or of a female person — compare m III 1

b. place for the insertion of the given name of a person (as in a ceremonial statement) — compare NN

2. usually italic neutron

3. capitalized nitrogen

4. usually italic index of refraction

5. capitalized , ital Avogadro number

6. capitalized knight

IV. abbreviation

2 nano-

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