Meaning of NATURALLY in English


ˈnach(ə)rəlē, -li also -chərl- adverb

Etymology: Middle English, from natural + -ly

1. : by nature : by natural or inherent character : by native endowment : by innate tendency or feeling

one child … was naturally good — Margaret Deland

poetry or music … may be said to be naturally pleasing — Joshua Reynolds

her face, naturally pale as marble — Charlotte Brontë


a. : according to or by the operation of the laws of nature

the snow loads will begin to slide off the naturally drooping branches — G.R.Stewart

the changes which are naturally wrought by time — H.F.Tozer

b. : as a natural result or consequence : as might be expected from the circumstances

the doomed retainers … naturally bewailed their sad fate — A.M.Young

its insular situation … led naturally to the seafaring activities — Kemp Malone

money flows naturally to those who can produce something of value — W.J.Reilly

3. : in a natural manner

she did not seem to die naturally — Ann Radcliffe

you will feel your body weight shift naturally to the left leg — Bob Nichols


a. : by natural growth : without cultivation : without the use of art or effort : spontaneously

her hair curls naturally

an older and more naturally wooded area — American Guide Series: Minnesota

b. : indigenously

the cypress grows naturally in the southeastern U.S.

5. : with truth to nature or life : in a lifelike manner : realistically

the artist who represents objects naturally

6. : with ease and simplicity : without affectation

write naturally and spontaneously, just as you'd thank your friend in person — Barbara Peterson

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