Meaning of NIPPER in English


I. ˈnipə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: nip (I) + -er

1. : any of various devices for nipping: as

a. : small pincers that are used for gripping, breaking, or cutting — usually used in plural

b. : long slender-nosed pliers or pincers used for seizing the end of a key in a lock to turn it — usually used in plural

c. : a device for squeezing tar from rope yarn

d. nippers plural : handcuffs or leg irons

e. : a grab for seizing heavy objects (as large stones) for hauling or hoisting

f. nippers plural : eyeglasses ; specifically : pince-nez

g. nippers plural : a nail or cuticle cutter with short curved blades

h. : a short selvagee or sennit for securing a nautical hemp cable temporarily to a messenger to assist in the raising of an anchor


(1) : a power press that compresses the leaves of books during the binding process by means of momentary pressure

(2) : a small hand press used to compress single books or mounted material


a. : an incisor of a horse ; especially : one of the middle four incisors

b. : one of the large claws or pincers of a crab or lobster

3. chiefly Britain

a. : a boy employed as a helper (as of a carter or hawker)

b. : child , kid

from fat, solemn babies … to nippers of nine or ten — Gavin Casey


a. : cunner b

b. or nipper crab : a European crab ( Polybius henslowii )

c. Australia

(1) : prawn

(2) : snapping shrimp



(1) : a workman who assists miners (as by distributing drill steel or carrying blasting powder)

(2) : one that tends ventilation doors in a mine

(3) : brakeman 1a(2)

b. : a workman who holds up railroad ties to the rails with a bar or other tool while the rails are being spiked in place

6. : a thick band or mitten worn by deep-sea fishermen to protect the hand from the lines

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: to secure (a ship's cable) with nippers : rack 7

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