Meaning of NIPPLE in English


I. ˈnipəl noun

( -s )

Etymology: earlier neble, nible, probably diminutive of neb, nib


a. : a more or less conical eminence surmounting the mammary gland in all higher mammals that contains the terminal and usually fused parts of the lactiferous ducts of the gland and is the part of the breast or udder from which the young animal draws milk in suckling : teat — called also mammilla, pap

b. : any papilla marking the outlet of a gland

2. : any of various devices resembling a nipple in appearance or function: as

a. : an artificial teat through which an infant sucks milk from a nursing bottle

b. : a device (as a stopcock) with an orifice through which the discharge of a liquid can be regulated

c. : a hollow conical projection on the percussion lock of a firearm on which the cap is placed and through which fire from the exploding cap is conveyed to the charge


a. : any eminence or protuberance (as the crest of a mountain) resembling or suggesting the nipple of a breast

b. : a small projection through which oil or grease is injected into machinery

4. : a pipe coupling consisting of a short piece of tubing usually with an external screw thread at each end

II. transitive verb

( nippled ; nippled ; nip·pling -p(ə)liŋ ; nipples )

: to provide with a nipple : cover with or as if with nipples

a rain of fire nippling the water — H.D.Skidmore

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