Meaning of NOZZLE in English


I. ˈnäzəl noun

( -s )

Etymology: diminutive of nose

1. : a socket on a candlestick or sconce into which the lower end of a candle fits


a. : a projecting vent of something : a small spout or other projecting part with an opening

the nozzle of a bellows

the nozzle of a gun

b. : a short tube or duct that usually tapers or has a constriction, often forms the vent of a hose or pipe, and is used to direct the flow of fluid or to increase the velocity of flow

delivery of fuel to an injection nozzle at each engine cylinder — William Landon

c. : any of several channels through which steam or gas is conveyed to the rotor vanes of a turbine

d. : a part in a rocket engine that accelerates the exhaust gases from the combustion chamber to a high velocity

3. slang : nose

longed to clout him in the nozzle — J.H.Wheelwright

II. verb

( nozzled ; nozzled ; nozzling -z(ə)liŋ ; nozzles )

transitive verb

1. : to furnish with a nozzle or something resembling a nozzle

2. : to press the nose against

pawing and nozzling some remnants of fodder — J.L.Allen

3. : to spray or eject through or as if through a nozzle

seemed as though every gun … nozzled a cone of fire at it — H.M.Forgy

intransitive verb

: to nose about

hungry birds will force their way into broken reeds … to spatter and nozzle for food — Pall Mall Magazine

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