Meaning of OBSERVABLE in English


I. əbˈzərvəbəl, -zə̄v-, -zəiv- adjective

Etymology: French, from Latin observabilis, from observare to observe + -abilis -able — more at observe

1. : requiring or suitable to be observed, regarded, or kept

a very observable old custom

forms observable in social intercourse


a. : deserving or observation : noteworthy

b. obsolete : remarkable , notable

3. : capable of being observed : discernible , detectable , noticeable

an observable decline in health

an observable phenomenon

• ob·serv·able·ness -bəlnə̇s noun -es

• ob·serv·ably -blē, -li adverb

II. noun

( -s )

1. archaic : something noteworthy or unusual

2. : an event that is perceptible directly or indirectly (as by the medium of instruments) through the senses : phenomenon

such observables as size, energy, momentum, or viscosity

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