Meaning of OBTUSE in English


əbˈt(y)üs, (ˈ)äb|- adjective

( sometimes -er/-est )

Etymology: Latin obtusus, past participle of obtundere to beat against, to dull, from ob- to, against + tundere to beat — more at ob- , stutter

1. : lacking acuity of sensibility or perceptions : having neither delicate feelings nor alert awareness : dense

too obtuse to take a hint

a dull obtuse person


a. of an angle : exceeding 90 degrees but being less than 180 degrees — see angle illustration

b. : not pointed or acute : blunt

an obtuse contour

c. of a leaf : blunt or rounded at the free end

d. : obtuse-angled

3. : not causing an acute impression : mild

an obtuse pain

Synonyms: see dull

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