Meaning of ORDERED in English


I. adjective

: characterized by order: as

a. : marked by system, regularity, or discipline : carefully regulated or managed

theirs was an ordered life — C.B.Flood

my quiet, ordered house — L.P.Smith

b. : marked by a regular or harmonious arrangement or disposition : arranged or disposed so as to form a pattern

the trim and ordered landscape — Oscar Handlin

society before the industrial revolution … was ordered and relatively stable — R.C.Beatty

the ordered structure of crystals — J.L.Hoard & Seymour Galler

c. of a solid solution : characterized by a regular arrangement of solvent and solute atoms

II. adjective

: having elements succeeding or arranged according to a rule: as

a. : having the property that every pair of different elements is related by a transitive relationship that is not symmetric

b. : having the elements labeled by ordinal numbers

an ordered triple has a first, second, and third element

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.