Meaning of OUTER in English


I. ˈau̇d.ə(r), ˈau̇tə- adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from out, adjective + -er (comp. suffix) — more at out

1. : external , objective

outer life

outer reality

outer characteristics

— compare inner 2


a. : situated farther out

outer space

the outer line of defense

b. : away from a center

the satellites of the outer solar planets — J.T.McIntosh

c. : situated or belonging on the outside

the two outer movements of the symphony

the outer covering


outward , outside , external , exterior : outer may retain comparative suggestion and contrast with inner

outer garments

outer space

the outer line of defenses

outward , contrasted with inward, may be used in relation to trend, direction, or motion

the outward push of tourists in search of strange places is spilling over from the accustomed channels — New York Times

Both words may describe a surface semblance in contrast to an inner reality

colorless and grey are the outer facts of a monk's life — H.O.Taylor

these twins were alike in many ways, mostly, however, in their outer life or manifest behavior — Biological Abstracts

to give outward and objective form to ideas that bubble inwardly and have a fascinating lure in them — H.L.Mencken

all outward actions, every overt thing we do — J.C.Powys

outside describes either a position on the outer side or a location or situation beyond borders, bounds, or limits

these ships are completely air-conditioned and their staterooms are all outside — Mary G. Reynolds

in spite of frequent assertions to the contrary, the monks very seldom taught outside pupils — G.G.Coulton

only a relatively small part of the millions that have come from below the ground have remained in the state and most of the larger present-day properties are owned by outside companies — American Guide Series: Nevada

Like outside , external may describe a position, situation, or sphere beyond or away from a thing under consideration

the slavery which would be imposed upon her by her external enemies and her internal traitors — F.D.Roosevelt

a poet only through the demands of an inner being and compulsion, and not through the external circumstances of good fortune or bad — H.V.Gregory

It may imply adventitious appearance or semblance unrelated to or different from inner reality

her heart was breaking with grief in spite of her external cheerfulness — D.C.Buchanan

exterior may describe that which is situated on the outer bounds of something; it may also, like outer or outward , describe that which shows or is made apparent

the exterior walls are of Lannon stone, an ivory-toned rock of varied shades and fine texture quarried in Wisconsin — American Guide Series: Michigan

the absence of exterior demonstration of affection for my mother had no surprise for me — Dixon Wecter

II. noun

( -s )

: either of the live outside electric wires of a three-wire system as distinguished from the middle or neutral wire

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