Meaning of OUTRIGGER in English


-gə(r) noun

Etymology: out (III) + rigger (after rig out, v.)


a. : a light projecting spar with a shaped log at the end attached to a seagoing canoe (as in the Pacific or Indian oceans) to prevent it from upsetting

b. : a spar or projecting beam run out from a ship's side to help secure the masts or from a mast to extend a rope or sail


(1) : a projecting support for an oarlock extended from the side of a rowboat or shell to permit greater leverage for the oar

(2) : a boat so equipped

2. : a projecting member run out from a main structure to provide additional stability or to support an extension: as

a. : a projection from a building to support hoisting tackle or to hold a flagpole

b. : a projecting or extended section of the frame of a vehicle (as of a truck)


(1) : a projecting frame usually of spars, distance pieces, and braces to support the elevator or tail planes of an airplane

(2) : a projection from the fuselage of a helicopter to support a rotor or a fan

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