Meaning of PARAMEDIC in English

I. ˈparə+ˌ- noun

Etymology: para- (II) + medic

: a doctor who parachutes to areas where medical services are needed : paradoctor

II. adjective

also para·medical |parə+

: of or relating to a paramedic or paramedics

a paramedic team

III. ¦parəˌ noun

also para·medical "ˌ

Etymology: para- (I) + medic, medical

1. : one who works in a health field in an auxiliary capacity to a physician (as by taking X rays or giving injections)

2. : a specially trained medical technician certified to provide a wide range of emergency services (as defibrillation and the intravenous administration of drugs) before or during transportation to a hospital — compare EMT herein

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