Meaning of PARSLEY in English

I. ˈpär]slē, ˈpȧ], ]sli] sometimes ]zl-\ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English persely, persil, from Old English petersilie & Old French persil, both from (assumed) Vulgar Latin petrosilium, alteration of Latin petroselinum, from Greek petroselinon, from petros stone + selinon celery

: an annual or biennial herb ( Petroselinum crispum ) of southern Europe that is widely cultivated for its finely dissected smooth or closely curled leaves which are extensively used as a culinary herb or garnish ; broadly : any of various plants of the family Umbelliferae — usually used with a qualifier; see fool's parsley , hamburg parsley , hemlock parsley , stone parsley

II. adjective

1. : of, having the characteristics of, or resembling parsley

parsley bed

parsley frog

2. : dressed or flavored with parsley

parsley butter

parsley potatoes

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