Meaning of PEBBLE in English


I. ˈpebəl noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English pibbil, puble, pobble, from Old English papolstān, from papol- (probably of imitative origin) + stān stone


a. : a small usually round stone especially when worn and rounded by the action of water

b. : one of the pieces in a mass of material obtained in a form resembling pebbles

lime pebbles


a. : transparent and colorless quartz : rock crystal

Brazilian pebble

b. : a rough gem sometimes found in a stream

delighted to find a small pebble of agate

3. : pebbleware


a. also pebble leather

(1) : leather that has been pebbled

(2) : the surface on the leather produced by pebbling

b. : an irregular, crinkled, or grainy surface on a fabric produced by fancy weaves or finishing processes

c. : a formation of tiny protuberances produced on the surface of a curling rink by sprinkling water on the ice

5. : flax 3

II. transitive verb

( pebbled ; pebbled ; pebbling -b(ə)liŋ ; pebbles )

1. : to pelt with or as if with pebbles

teased the dog by pebbling it with acorns

2. : to pave or cover with pebbles or something resembling pebbles

cookies … fat ones with white sugar pebbling the surface — Warren Eyster

3. : to grain (as leather or paper) so as to produce a rough and irregularly indented surface

4. : to produce pebble on (a curling rink)

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