Meaning of PERCENT in English


I. pə(r)ˈsent adverb

Etymology: from per century, abbreviation for per centum, from Latin

: in the hundred : of each hundred

a rate of … 1 shilling 3 pence percent — W.D.Winter

cannot recover if he is even one percent responsible for the accident — S.H.Hofstadter

agreed with her suggestions a hundred percent — Sally Benson

II. noun

( plural percent or percents )


a. : one part in a hundred : hundredth

while they are laboring with tenths of a percent , the rest of us are letting tens of percents slip through our fingers — S.L.Payne

come upon stars which can not have spent more than a few percent of their hydrogen — G.W.Gray b.1886

provided forty percent of Europe's requirements — Harold Butler

— symbol 5

b. : percentage

a large percent of the hotel's income … stems from convention visitors — G.T.Hellman

manufacturing and mercantile rates are both percents of the fire insurance rate — Robert Riegel & J.S.Miller

2. percents plural , Britain : securities bearing a specified rate of interest

invested in three percents

III. adjective

1. : reckoned on the basis of a whole divided into one hundred parts

a five percent increase

harvested 50 percent more wheat because of timely rains

another 100 percent result — Manchester Guardian Weekly

2. : paying interest at a specified percent

a 3 1/2 percent government bond

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.