Meaning of PERENNIAL in English

I. pəˈrenēəl, -nyəl adjective

Etymology: Latin perennis perennial (from per- throughout + -ennis, from annus year) + English -al — more at per- , annual


a. obsolete : evergreen

where round the scene perennial laurels bloom — William Falconer

b. : present at all seasons of the year

perennial stream

the perennial snow fields are of such great depth that glacial ice forms — W.W.Atwood †1949


a. : continuing or lasting for several years — used specifically of a plant (as delphinium) that dies back seasonally and produces new growth from a perennating part; compare annual , biennial

b. : existing for more than one season

perennial insect

perennial colony of bees


a. : lasting indefinitely : impervious to change : permanent , enduring

the perennial , elemental processes of nature — J.L.Lowes

the family and the church have proved perennial in the experience of man — Political Science Quarterly

the perennial value of this comparative study — Digest of Neurology & Psychiatry

b. : continuing without interruption : invariably present : constant , perpetual

a perennial twinkle in his eye — F.W.Crofts

the perennial conflict among the services over the question of defense organization — Atlantic

a perennial problem of the land, erosion — Leslie Rees

the perennial quest for certainty — D.A.Wells

: unfailingly popular

as perennial as Uncle Tom's Cabin — New Republic

c. : regularly repeated : recurrent

has begun to locate the perennial problems of man in the ordinary affairs of the men of his own time — Vincent Buckley

perennial efforts … to stipulate the requirements demanded of their discipline — R.C.Hinkle

Synonyms: see continual

II. noun

( -s )

1. : a plant (as a tree or shrub, or an herb renewing the top growth seasonally) that lives for an indefinite number of years — compare annual , biennial


a. : a permanent fixture or continuing question

hardy perennial among independent producers — Budd Schulberg

that vexatious perennial of Southern politics, the status of the Negro — W.G.Carleton

specifically : a stock item

a hardy perennial in the book trade — A.L.Guérard

b. : a recurrent topic or item

certain to become fiery perennials on the assembly agenda — W.R.Frye

infantile paralysis, that hardy summer perennial on magazine covers — Edith M. Stern

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