Meaning of PERIODIC in English


|pirē|ädik, |pēr-, -dēk adjective

Etymology: French périodique, from Latin periodicus, from Greek periodikos, from periodos period + -ikos -ic — more at period


a. : characterized by periods : occurring at regular intervals

periodic phases of the moon

periodic municipal elections

b. : occurring repeatedly from time to time : recurrent , intermittent

periodic epidemics

periodic drinking sprees

: frequent

one of Bermuda's periodic power failures — Time

2. : consisting of a series of stages or processes that is regularly repeated : cyclic

periodic vibration

3. : of or relating to a period

house was pleasant and comfortable, they were too sophisticated to be periodic — Scribner's


a. : of or relating to a form of construction found in some Greek odes in which the second and third in a group of four strophes are alike in structure and the first and fourth differ from these and from each other

b. : expressed in or characterized by periodic sentences

periodic style

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