Meaning of PERMEABILITY in English


ˌpərmēəˈbiləd.ē, ˌpə̄m-, ˌpəim-, -lətē, -i noun

1. : the quality or state of being permeable

the permeability of protective films

the permeability of a membrane

the water vapor permeability of leather is inherently high — Technical News Bulletin

2. : the property of a porous material that is measured by the rate by volume at which a fluid of unit viscosity passes through unit cross section of the material under unit pressure gradient ; specifically : a measure of the ease of fluid flow through rocks — compare darcy , darcy's law

3. : the measure of the rate of diffusion of gas through intact balloon fabric usually expressed in liters per square meter of fabric per 24 hours under standard conditions

4. : the property of a magnetizable substance that determines the degree in which it modifies the magnetic flux in the region occupied by it in a magnetic field ; specifically : the ratio of the induction to the magnetizing force in the substance

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