Meaning of PERPEND in English


I. pə(r)ˈpend verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Latin perpendere, from per- thoroughly + pendere to weigh — more at per- , pendant

transitive verb

: to weigh carefully in the mind : reflect on : ponder

perpend my words — Sir Walter Scott

found himself … perpending it as an experiment in realism — Leonard Merrick

intransitive verb

: to be attentive : reflect , consider

perpend , my princess, and give ear — Shakespeare

perpend , and do not compel me to use violence — Benjamin Jowett

II. ˈpərpənd noun

or per·pent -nt ; or par·pen ˈpärpən

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English perpend, perpoynt, from Middle French perpain, parpain

1. : a brick or large stone reaching through a wall so as to appear on both sides of it and acting as a binder

2. : perpend wall

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