Meaning of PERSONNEL in English


|pərs ə n|el, |pə̄s-, |pəis- noun

( plural personnel or personnels )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: French, modification (influenced by personnel, adjective, personal) of German personal, alteration of personale, from Late Latin, neuter of personalis personal — more at personal


a. : a body of persons employed in some service (as the army or navy, a factory, office, airplane) — distinguished from matériel

b. personnel plural : persons of a particular (as professional or occupational) group

military personnel

missionary personnel

34,000 personnel in the expanded operation

the changing personnel of the theater


a. : a body of employees that is a factor in business administration especially with respect to efficiency, selection, training, service, and health

b. : the division of an organization concerned primarily with the selection, placement, and training of employees and with the formulation of policies, procedures, and relations with employees or their representatives

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