Meaning of PIASTER in English



or pi·as·tre pēˈastə(r)

( -s )

Etymology: French piastre, from Italian piastra thin metal plate, coin, from Old Italian, from Latin emplastra, emplastrum plaster — more at plaster


a. : a Spanish dollar : piece of eight — see money table

b. : a coin or note representing one piaster



(1) : any of several monetary units of some Middle Eastern countries (as Turkey, Egypt, or Syria) equal to 1/100 pound — see money table

(2) : a former Saudi Arabian unit equal to 1/22 rial

b. : a coin representing one of these units


a. : a monetary unit of Cyprus equal to 1/9 shilling or 1/180 pound sterling

b. : a coin representing this unit


a. : the basic monetary unit of French Indochina and (1956-75) of the Republic of Vietnam

b. : a coin or note representing one piaster

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