Meaning of POCK in English

I. ˈpäk noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English pokke, from Old English pocc; akin to Middle Low German & Middle Dutch pocke pock, German dialect pfoche pock, Latin bucca cheek, mouth


a. : a pustule on the surface of the body in smallpox and other eruptive diseases ; also : a spot like such a pustule

b. : hole

guiding the car around another pock in the road — Peter De Vries

his eyes wide pocks of fear in a white face — Joseph Hilton

2. chiefly dialect : pox

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: to mark with or as if with pocks : pit

the rains of twenty centuries had pocked that pure and haughty face — Compton Mackenzie

the hull was pocked with dents — Frank Schreider


chiefly dialect

variant of poke 1a(1) I

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