Meaning of PRE- in English



Etymology: Middle English, from Old French & Latin; Old French, from Latin prae-, from prae — more at for



(1) : earlier than : prior to : before

pre departure

pre historic

pre -Slavic

pre -Victorian

(2) : preparatory or prerequisite to

pre medical

pre professional

(3) : in a formative, incipient, or preliminary stage

pre cartilage

b. : in advance : beforehand

pre cut

pre judge

pre plan


a. : in front of : before

pre anal

pre axial

pre molar

b. : at the front : anterior : constituting a front part

pre abdomen

pre sternum


a. : exceedingly

pre noble

pre adore

b. petrography : predominating in a ratio greater than 5:3

pre alkalic

pre calcic

pre chloric

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