Meaning of PROFUNDITY in English


prəˈfəndəd.ē, prōˈ-, -ətē, -i noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English profundite, from Middle French profundité, from Latin profunditat-, profunditas depth, from profundus deep + -itat-, -itas -ity — more at profound


a. : intellectual depth : penetrating knowledge : keen insight and understanding

the wisest theologians could not match her in profundity — Willa Cather

the timeless profundity in Jesus — H.E.Fosdick

b. : a profound or abstruse matter, problem, or theory — often used in plural

mythology runs into … philosophical speculation, sometimes grappling with profundities — A.L.Kroeber

c. : a significant thought : wise saying — often used in plural

fitting either to formulate or to revere undergraduate profundities — F.J.Hoffman


a. obsolete : depth as a dimension or a physical feature

b. : the quality or state of being very deep

the profundity of an abyss

c. : something resembling a very deep place

through the vast profundity obscure — John Milton

the profundity of the surrounding shadow — Rebecca West

3. : extreme thoroughness : intensity

whether or not he understood fully the profundity of his action — M.W.Straight

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