Meaning of PROJECTOR in English


prəˈjektə(r), prōˈ- noun

( -s )

Etymology: project (II) + -or


a. : one that plans a project

b. : one that promotes a chimerical project : schemer

2. : one that projects: as

a. : a device for projecting a beam of light

a searchlight projector

b. : an optical instrument for projecting an image upon a surface (as a screen) by means of the transmission of light through a transparent slide or film or the reflection of light from an opaque object (as a photograph or postcard)

c. : a machine for projecting and showing motion pictures on a screen — compare sound projector

d. : a smooth bore weapon usually used for launching grenades or pyrotechnic signals

3. : a projection line (as from an object to a plane of projection) — used especially in mechanical drawing

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