Meaning of PTOLEMAIC in English

|tälə|māik, -āēk adjective

also ptol·e·mae·an -mēən

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: in sense 1, from Latin Ptolema eus Ptolemy 2d century A.D. geographer and astronomer of Alexandria (from Greek Ptolemaios ) + English -ic or -an; in sense 2, ptolemaic from Greek ptolemaikos, from Ptolemaios Ptolemy, any of the Greco-Egyptian rulers of Egypt + -ikos -ic; ptolemaean from Latin ptolemae us Ptolemaean (from Ptolemaeus Ptolemy, Greco-Egyptian ruler of Egypt, from Greek Ptolemaios ) + English -an

1. : of or relating to Ptolemy the geographer and astronomer

2. : of or relating to the Greco-Egyptian rulers of Egypt from 323 B.C. to 30 B.C.

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