Meaning of RADIAL in English


I. ˈrādēəl adjective

Etymology: Medieval Latin radialis, from Latin radius ray, beam + -alis -al — more at ray

1. : issuing in rays : relating to rays of light

intense radial heat is applied — Chem. Abstracts


a. : arranged or having parts arranged like rays

radial blades in a blower

most cities show a radial pattern of main highways leading outward from their center — C.L.White & G.T.Renner

young dome mountains and volcanoes have radial drainage lines — A.K.Lobeck

radial seating in an auditorium

b. : being an architectural plan in which the disposition is radial as distinguished from longitudinal

radial plan of a church


a. : relating to or placed like a radius

radial blocks for chimney-construction — L.A.Harding

: moving or taking place along a radius : having the direction of a radius

radial acceleration

radial velocity

b. : characterized by divergence from or as if from a center


a. : of, relating to, or adjacent to a bodily radius (as the bone of the forearm or the ray of a starfish)

b. : being any of various plates of a crinoid that lie between the basal and brachial plates


a. : developing uniformly around a central axis — opposed to dorsiventral

b. : relating to a ray or ray flower

c. : having the xylem and phloem lying on alternate radii of the axis usually separated by nonvascular tissue

a radial actinostele

II. noun

( -s )


a. : radial part: as

(1) : a bar at right angles to a curved part (as in an arch)

(2) : the radial arm or quadrant on which the change wheels are secured in a screw-cutting lathe

b. : any of a system of radial lines : ray ; specifically : a line of position radiating from a radio navigational aid transmitter


a. : a body part (as an artery, nerve, or plate) lying near or following the course of the radius ; sometimes : radiale

b. : hypercoracoid

3. : radial engine

III. noun

: radial tire herein

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