Meaning of RAMIFICATION in English


ˌraməfə̇ˈkāshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, from Middle French, from Medieval Latin ramificatus (past participle of ramificare ) + Middle French -ion

1. : the act or process of branching ; specifically : the mode of arrangement of branches


a. : a branch or offshoot from a main stock or channel

the ramification of an artery

b. : the resulting branched structure

make visible the whole ramification of the dendrite

3. : something that springs from another in the manner of a branch : outgrowth , subdivision : an extension of a basically simple idea, plan, or problem : a resulting development : consequence

a university whose daily life abounds with events of far-reaching ramifications — T.D.Durrance

his banking house had ramifications throughout Europe — R.A.Hall b.1911

his mind brooded on the ramifications of clans and tartans — W.B.Yeats

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