Meaning of RAS in English

I. ˈräs noun

( -es )

Etymology: Arabic ra's literally, head

1. : cape , headland

2. : an Ethiopian prince or feudal overlord ; also : the ruler of an Ethiopian province

3. : a local Italian Fascist boss originally acting as a despot in his area

II. ˈrəs, ˈräs noun

also ra·sa -sə

( plural rasas )

Etymology: native name in India

: a Manipuri dance drama enacting the legend of the deity Krishna and his consort Radha

III. ˈras noun

( -es )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: probably from ra (I)t + s arcoma; from the initial isolation of such genes in rat sarcomas

: any of a family of genes that undergo mutation to oncogenes and especially to some commonly linked to human cancers (as of the colon, lung, and pancreas)

ras oncogenes

ras proteins

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