Meaning of RAUWOLFIA in English

rau̇ˈwu̇lfēə, rȯˈw-, -wȯl- noun

Etymology: New Latin, from Leonhard Rauwolf died 1596 German botanist + New Latin -ia


a. capitalized : a large pantropical genus of somewhat poisonous trees and shrubs (family Apocynaceae) having verticillate leaves and small cymose flowers with a salver-shaped corolla and bicarpellary ovary and yielding emetic and purgative substances and in the case of an Indian form ( R. serpentina ) an alkaloidal root extract used in the treatment of hypertension and some mental disorders

b. -s : any plant of the genus Rauwolfia

2. -s : the medicinal extract that is obtained from the root of the Indian rauwolfia

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