Meaning of REACTOR in English

rē+ noun

( -s )

Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary react + -or

1. : one that reacts: as

a. : a chemical reagent


(1) : the subject reacting to a stimulus in a psychological experiment

(2) : the subject reacting positively to a foreign substance (as in a test for disease)

tuberculous cattle are reactors to tuberculin

2. : an organism that produces reaction in its environment

3. : a coil, winding, or conductor of small resistance and large inductance used in an alternating-current circuit to impede or throttle the current or to change its phase


a. : a piece of equipment in which a chemical reaction is carried out especially on an industrial scale

batch and continuous reactors

b. : an apparatus in which a chain reaction of fissionable material is initiated and controlled (as for generation of heat for power or for production of plutonium from uranium) — called also atomic furnace, atomic pile, nuclear reactor, pile

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