Meaning of READY in English

I. ˈredē, -di adjective

( usually -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English redy; akin to Old English rǣde ready, Old High German reiti, Old Norse greithr ready, Gothic ga raiths ordered, Greek arariskein to fit — more at arm



(1) : prepared for something about to be done or experienced

are ready to see their father

is ready to hear the news

(2) : prepared for immediate movement or action

the troops are ready to march

b. : equipped or supplied with what is needed for some action or event

are ready for the trip

c. : fitted, arranged, or placed for immediate use

a room is now ready for you

dinner is ready



(1) : prepared in mind or disposition so as to be willing and not reluctant : not hesitant : inclined , disposed

are ready to die for their country

(2) : brought into or being in such a state as to be likely to do something indicated : immediately liable : on the verge of something

seemed ready to cry

the house looks as though it's ready to fall down

b. : spontaneously prompt : not slow

always has a ready answer for any difficulty that may arise

with a ready smile on her lips

3. : quick in some indicated action or perception in such a way as to be notably dexterous, adroit, or skilled

a ready wit

a ready worker

4. : that is immediately available or at hand : that can be had or used at once

ready assets

ready cash

had a gun ready

Synonyms: see quick

II. adverb

( usually -er/-est )

Etymology: Middle English redy, from redy, adjective

archaic : readily

III. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

Etymology: Middle English redien, from redy, adjective

: to cause to be ready : prepare

readying themselves for battle

Synonyms: see prepare

IV. noun

( -es )

Etymology: ready (I)

1. : money on hand : ready cash

was well supplied with the ready

2. : the state of being ready ; especially : preparation of a gun (as by loading, cocking, and holding in readiness) for immediate aiming and firing

had their rifles at the ready

3. : a left-handed strand formed by twisting together a number of right-handed yarns of which three go to form a plain-laid rope

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